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About Us

Ideal World Organization (IWO), is in fact an international supporter organization of women and children which has been registered in Montreal- Canada at 2017.

IWO is active in the field of service providing, social, cultural and economic knowledge development, environment protection and women and children empowering in all the countries especially in Canada. This charity organization tries to make a better world for the people through cultural training. Today’s world needs all the people’s cooperation and sympathy.

our vision

The main purpose of the IWO is to empower the vulnerable women and children, the ones who need to be supported and helped due to lack of social, economic cultural and even climatic security. Besides of mental and financial needs, these people require to be skillful in the fields of communication, culture, social and professional and other special knowledge. IWO is going to fulfill all of these necessities by making money and earning income through organizing cultural and educational programs which are accepted by the majority (theatres, cultural markets, art fairs, educational concerts and workshops).

On the other hand, IWO tries to make a more beautiful world through cooperation with other countries’ environment departments and spreading environment protection knowledge and tries to provide a clean earth for the next generation by all the society’s knowledge and responsibility development. Furthermore, Ideal World Organization, attempts to develop the level of occupation by enabling its under protection members and cooperation with the experts and knowledgeable persons.


We support working children and their families

For a better life for today and futur children

we have hands to hands to make a better world to everyone

we want Ideal World for today

We teach women to be independent mother