About Us

Ideal World Organization (IWO), is in fact an international supporter organization of women and children which has been registered in Montreal- Canada at 2017.

IWO is active in the field of service providing, social, cultural and economic knowledge development, environment protection and women and children empowering in all the countries especially in Canada. This charity organization tries to make a better world for the people through cultural training. Today’s world needs all the people’s cooperation and sympathy.


The major activities of the association will be: literacy for children and their mother, teaching life skills for a better life and prevention of behavioral disorders such as addiction and crime, vocational training (welding, turning, plumbing, carpet weaving, doll making, male and female hairdressing, sewing, repairing mobile, computer training, pyrography) , health education , therapeutic medical services, psychosocial counseling and social-work, fill leisure sports, book reading, holding rituals and festive occasions e.g. International Children's Day , child birth ,etc.

various campaigns, preparation and presentation of the products (stationery, books, shoes, dress season, daily nutrition, hygiene kits), empowering families with training programs in family, birth control training for parents, training child rights, research within the interest of the IW and other relevant areas.