Ideal World NGO = To be Good Together
Monde Ideal NGO = Être Bon Ensemble
Ideal World NPO Proudly Present, VIP: The Voice Of Ideal Persian
VIP went on the air on November 20, 2019, as the Radio Center Ville (102.3 FM) launched its Persian-language network, known as Radio Voice Of Ideal. VIP operated on 4 Hours a week. We imagine a world that we don’t build walls between humans, rather we build bridges to success for each other. Also, We will be trying to connect our Persian Language Community together In Montreal, cross Canada & World.

Our Radio Programs are:

  1. Q & A
    We Ask listeners on social media to send in questions and randomly select a few on-air to answer.
  2. Guest
    Invite experts, friends, family, musicians, and other notable individuals to our live radio event. we can have a conversation with them & takeover our live radio event, do an interview or have them co-host.
  3. Topical News
    Look up the news related to our programming and talk about it.
  4. Recommendation
    Give artist, song, album, recipe, product, book, game, movie, destination, and other recommendations to our listeners. Whatever we are particularly interested in at the time, let our listeners know!
  5. The fact of the Day
    What we know of or have you recently learned an interesting fact that our listeners would be interested in.
  6. Story of the Day
    Have an interesting story about our life, food, our city (Montréal), relationships, money, animals, or anything else.
  7. Review/Recap
    Review or recap a song, album, event (concert, festival, award show, sporting event, etc.), book, game, show, or movie. Anything that is relevant that you have an interest in and some knowledge about, consider reviewing it.
  8. Social Media Minute
    We Ask listeners on social media to send in questions and randomly select a few on-air to answer.
  9. Spotlight
    Feature an artist, album, movie, show, destination, specific topic, or anything else that we would like to talk about more in-depth on our show. A spotlight is similar to a review, except spotlights are more based on factual information and reviews are more based on our opinions.
  10. The advice of the Day
    Have we got any advice that would benefit our listeners? We are going to share it!
  11. Requests
    Have your listeners, friends, and family submit requests for songs, artists, and albums. You can even have them submit requests for you to talk about certain news and other topics.
  12. Other
    Topics around money, Book reviews, A one-person story, Radio dramas “theater for the mind.